How we can help?

Maintenance: $75 (Per Hour)

Do you have a bonsai that has not been re-potted in the last 4-5 years? Do you have wire cutting into a tree that someone gave you? Do you have no clue when it comes to bonsai, but have one? We can re-pot the tree for you properly.and maintain your tree. Remember trees have a seasonal window so when re-potting most trees, end of January to April is optimal time in California. Emergency re-pots can be done anytime but require two visits one year apart. This can also turn into a class at no additional cost as an observer.

Most maintenance on bonsai trees here at the garden center will cost $75.00 per hour with a two hour minimum.

this maintenance service includes ...

Emergency re-potting |Full re-potting or initial re-potting| Thinning | Pruning | Cutback | De-candling Japanese Black Pine | Needle pulling Japanese Black Pine

Styling and Wiring: Cost $75 per hour two hour minimum

Since this type of Bonsai work takes the longest we will discuss each tree in-depth before we begin styling. The tree must be healthy first and have been taken care of properly. Unhealthy trees tend to have branches that break easily. You may stay with your tree or drop it off to be styled.

Aesthetic Pruning: Starting at $75 per hour (3-4 Hour Minimum)

With its origins in Japanese gardening, aesthetic pruning allows plants to be shaped over time to enhance their natural form while creating harmony and unity in the landscape. The challenge to this type of pruning is that every plant is different and must be approached as an individual. Properly done, pruning will invigorate your plants and enhance the aesthetics and health of your landscape. A garden is not stagnant, but constantly developing, and so, too, must pruning.