How we can help?

Ron Anderson, has over as a 11+ years teaching and caring for public and private gardens, including invaluable plant specimens in Bonsai.

The Dirty Locust offers an alternative to contract landscapers lacking the skills to properly care for your garden. Ron Anderson works at each site. he has a hands-on, natural approach to gardening. The level of care your garden needs depends upon its current state.

Accordingly, the services offered by The Dirty Locust range from design of a new garden, pruning, bed or container gardening, to renovation of an old or troubled garden; consultation and plant identification help answer questions that have been inhibiting your garden’s success; expert maintenance ensures that your garden is well cared for and can be provided on a regular basis or as needed.

Landscape/Garden Consulting ($75) Per Hour

In addition to a strong background with a variety of plants, a knowledge of irrigation systems, soil and climate requirements and changing trends in gardening are essential to the work of a garden consultant. Relying on a sometimes intuitive understanding of both people the environment and the landscape, the garden consultant must unravel each client's preferences and ultimate vision for the garden and then manifest that dream. Ron Anderson's knowledge and overall experience offer a more fundamental approach to landscape and garden techinques ultimatley providing you with long lasting results that you can admire and appreciate daily.

Clients often prefer to do their own planting, gardening and want to decide on the final selection of plants. By providing insight, Ron acts as more of a mentor in this aspect to clients, encouraging them as they begin their adventure with The Dirty Locust.

Interior Consulting ($75) Per Hour

Kd's natural ability to enhance an environment is what makes her stand apart from other consultants. Sometimes a clients vision is painted with broad strokes. Kd takes a different approach being an artist herself whether making art, painting art or simply creating art, Kd has an eye for colors, blends, imagery that can transform any space. Her artistic approach really shines as she helps the client acheive thier goal.